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I started out with a dream to work for myself. As I got older and had children I became so much more environmentally aware. I want a world in which my children's children can survive and enjoy the natural beauty our earth has to offer.

I want them to see every beautiful sunrise, vista and smell the amazing sense-invigorating aroma that nature can offer. 

And so The Zero Waste Shack was born. Our aim is to offer a range of Zero Waste options for everyday items and gifts. Some are handmade at The Zero Waste Shack HQ and some are sourced from like minded companies. 

Our aim? To take the first step towards saving our planet from the plastic we carelessly throw away. Our mission statement? Be the Change.

And so that's it. You can follow the blog of bringing The Shack up to spec and getting on the road and any top tips we pick up along the way. 

We look forward to sharing our journey and products with you. Mighty oaks from little acorns grow,


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