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Huski Rice Husk Travel Cup

A sustainable rice husk travel cup.  It is biodegradable, eco-friendly and most importantly reusable.  

It is non toxic, BPA and silicone free.  It has a leak proof lid and twin walled insulation. 

It is available in blue, green or pink.

400mls option.

These will normally retail at £9.99 plus p&p but they are currently on offer at £8.50 plus p&p

500mls option.

These will normally retail at £11.99 plus p&p but they are currently on offer at £10.50 plus p&p

Cleaning Cloths

These are made from a strong twine and are perfect for cleaning bathrooms and kitchens. They are hardwearing and machine washable. 

They are available in 2 colours so that you can easily identify which room they are for.

These retail at £3.00 plus p&p

Face Scrubbies

These cute little items are face scrubbies. They replace cotton wool pads and are machine washable. 

They are normally sold as a set of 5 but can be sold individually if needed. 

These save hundreds of thousands of cotton pads being dumped in landfill.

A set of 5 face scrubbies retails at £4 plus p&p, or singly cost £1 plus p&p 

Soap Saver

These are soap savers. By putting your bar of soap in the soap saver allows you to keep hold of the soap during use! and creates a lather, the ability to hang the soap up to dry after use and most importantly - it stops the use of shower gels in plastic bottles and of soap in plastic bottles. These can be made to order in any colour.

One soap saver retails at £3.50 plus p&p

Market Shopping Bag

This is the perfect bag for taking to market to buy your fruit and veg - or anything else for that matter!

This is the easiest change to make for reducing your plastic waste. 

These bags retail at £9.50 plus p&p

Dish Cloth

These are handmade dish cloths. They are made from a cotton with a slightly abrasive texture so are great for scrubbing your pots and pans.

While these were made for dishes, some customers find them to be a brilliant exfoliator for their faces

So the choice is yours!! Either way they can be thrown in the washing machine for repeated use. 

These retail at £3 plus p&p

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